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Bill Mail Services

Bill mail service means the communication in the nature of a financial statement, bill, monthly account bill or other such item of similar nature posted by a service provider to a customers at least once in 90 days but does not include a communication in the nature of letter mail or having the character of a personal communication or exclusively commercial publicity items.

Bill mail service shall be received for posting at identified location(s) provided by India Post under Bill Mail Service.

Bill mail service shall be delivered within a circumscribed area like one city or one district.

Posting of Bill mail shall not be less than 5,000 pieces at a time. 

Bill mail shall be received at the receiving office sorted pincode-wise and bundled delivery office-wise. 

"City" includes twin cities or urban agglomeration. 

Rates of postage shall be chargeable on Bill Mail Service as under.

For a weight not exceeding 50 gms Rs. 3.00
For every 50 gms or a fraction thereof exceeding 20 gms R. 2.00

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