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Direct Post

Direct Post would comprise of un-addressed mail articles like letter, cards, brochure, questionnaires, pamphlets, samples, promotional items like CDs/floppies and cassette etc.

Article posted as Direct Post will bear no address or name on the communication. These will be accepted in bulk in designated office and will not be posted in a letter box.

A minimum quantity of 1000 pieces would be accepted under the Direct Post.

Articles to be accepted would be such that they do not exceed the length and width of an A3 size paper. 

Any person or organization could use the service.

The senders of Direct Post will specify the numbers and areas in which the sender wishes Direct post article to be distributed.

Direct Post articles would be accepted stamped / franked and bundles pin-code wise.

In case the sender desires the articles to be printed or requires any other pre-mailing activity under the business post, this could also be provided by us.

The price for the Direct Post articles would be as follows :

  Per article for 1st 20gms Per article for ever additional 20 gms or part thereof
  Local Inner City  
Price for 1 Direct Post article Rs. 1.50 Rs. 2.00 Rs. 1.00 for both local and inter-city article

*Where Direct Post articles are tendered in quantities of over 50000, a discount / commission of 5% would be admissible.


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