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Inland Letter Card


A letter card means a sheet paper of the kind ordinarily used for letter writing suitably folder and gummed. It has reasonable price. No enclosures are allowed with it. It has wide publicity and free air transmission. It costs Rs. 2.50 per card. Privately printed letter cards are permitted provided that the weight of the letter card should not exceed 4 gms., that it should bear outside at the top left hand corner on the address side the words "Inland Letter Card" and that the dimensions of the letter card should be within following limits.

Unfolded Max. 30 cm � 21 cms
Min. 20 cm
� 14 cms
Flaps Not exceeding 2.5 cm � 12.5 cm on one side and 1.5 cm � 7.5 cm on the other.
Folded Max. 15 cm � 10.5 cms
Min 10 cm �



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